Monday, October 10, 2011

Minimalist Monday: Re-evaluating Your Clothes Closet

How many times have you looked into your closet and thought, "What am I going to wear today?"  Morning after morning, you run into the same dilemma of finding something different to wear, whether it's for work or just for the day.  But the problem is not even that you have nothing to wear but rather that you have too many to choose from.  You rummage through your shirts and shorts, you scramble through the piles of sweaters and pants - nothing!  But how can that be?!

You stare at your closet, look at the clock, then realize 10 minutes has just passed by, and you still have nothing on.  Finally you force yourself to pick something out, because you know that if you don't, you'll end up standing or staring in the same spot for another 10 minutes.  You start to get ready, look in the mirror, and notice that you have just put on the exact same outfit from last week.  What?!  So many clothes to wear, and you pick the same ones every time.  The problem?  You know exactly which clothes you like and which ones fit you well, but you choose to hang on to the other ones.  Now why is that?  Well, let's see, it could be that:

1.  you are pretty sure that it won't be long until you can fit into them (again),

2.  you bought the clothes on sale, still have the price tags on them, but again, they still don't fit right,

3.  the clothes were given as gifts from a family member or friend, and you don't want to offend the giver by not keeping their presents, even if they do not fit or are not your style,

4.  the clothes have sentimental value, because it was a gift from your Mom or an old flame, or

5.  maybe one day, you'll find a reason to wear it (again) (i.e. interview, costume party, vacation, etc.).

Whatever it may be, the reason can't be good enough to hold on to the clothes that you haven't worn in years and may never wear (again).  They are just taking up closet space and confusing you when you need to pick something out.  Donate the clothes, sell them to get extra bucks to buy something you know you can actually wear tomorrow and be happy with, or upcycle them into something else that you may like.  But don't go through another (work) week wondering what you're going to wear next only to put on the same outfits all the time.  Go for something new if you can dare yourself to be adventurous, or go with what is comfortable and second nature to you.  Whatever you choose, be glad as to how much new space you're reclaiming and how more organized and less cluttered your closet will look.


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