Monday, October 31, 2011

Minimalist Monday: Relaxing Over The Holidays

I have a love-hate relationship with the holidays, and I'll tell you why.  I love that stores are decked out with Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, but I don't like how it always makes me feel like I have to get something new to add to my already existing stash.  Do we really need a new ornament for the tree?  I love that the weather in Texas has finally started to cool off, but I dislike having to go through the kids' closets to see if they still fit into their winter clothes from last year, because if they don't, that means more shopping.  I love planning holiday dinners and getting to eat oh-so-scrumptious meals with all the trimmings, but I definitely do not like the gluttonous feeling I seem to always have after I've stuffed myself with every kind of food in sight.  I love that there are charities who are asking for help to assist those who are less fortunate during this time of year, but I don't like how I feel guilty not being able to contribute much when I'm wondering how we ourselves can afford anything to give to our  own children.  I love that the holidays is about spending time with family, but I'm not fond of the fact that our closest relatives are hours away, and my brother will be spending another Christmas serving in Afghanistan away from his wife and daughter.  I love that the holiday season is fast approaching, but I do not like that it means the year is coming to an end - another reminder of all the things I had set out to do but never got done, and all the things I was supposed to get rid of and are still hanging around the house.  So what's a girl who loves the holidays but always seem to be stressing out about it to do?

This year, I am taking it easy.  No extra shopping that will only add more stuff to our existing stuff.  I plan on making all our gifts this year from as many things that we already have in the house (frames, fabric, scrapbook paper, paint, etc.) using ideas I have found on Pinterest.  I am looking forward to having our first organic Thanksgiving dinner.  We have done a great job of eating well and in smaller proportions, so we hope to indulge in all the great fixings of home-cooked Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners without the guilt we usually feel afterward.  We still can't afford to donate money to charities this year as we're still trying to get ourselves out of debt, but we are going through all of our things to see what we can donate to Goodwill or The Salvation Army.  It helps us minimize our home while helping others out.  

My husband always calls me out on how I love hostessing and entertaining family and friends, but I always seem to stress out about it.  There is so much going on this time of year - buying groceries, cleaning the house, purchasing gifts, sending out Christmas cards, etc.  This year, I'm going to make our lives easy by simplifying our meals, gifts, and holiday plans.  Besides, how can anyone truly enjoy the holidays when we're too busy "doing" instead of just "being?"


Anonymous said...

please share your organic holiday menu or any other affordable organic meals that you can come up with! Always looking for ways to make organic mor affordable

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