Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Will If You Will

My husband always makes fun of me whenever he says that I'm always on my iPhone.  And sadly, I am.  I use it to play games, watch Netflix movies and youTube videos, read and write emails, send messages and photos, take photos and videos, tweet updates, post Facebook statuses, make to-do lists, see store ads and restaurant menus, check the weather, get directions, make purchases, and listen to music.  I use it for everything other than actually making phone calls.  And when I do that, I use up the battery power of my phone.  That leads me to constantly having to charge it.  Charging my phone uses up electricity in my home and anywhere else I may be plugging in my charger.  That isn't exactly a great way to reduce my carbon footprint or save on our electricity bill (or someone else's).

I just recently came across a page on youTube put on by the Earth Hour Global Challenge.  "I Will If You Will" asks people to challenge themselves while challenging others to make a change in their every day lives that will impact our world for the better.  You can accept the challenges of other people as well.  Dare your friends, co-workers, or complete strangers.  Either way, this is a win-win situation for everyone involved.  So, I decided to make a challenge of my own:

There you have it.  It's out there, and there is no going back!  If you already use a reusable coffee, tea, soda, juice, or water cup, pass this on to someone else who doesn't and dare them to take the challenge.  If 100 people start using a reusable cup for their favorite hot coffee, hot tea, or cold frap by Earth Day on April 22, 2012, I will use my iPhone for phone calls only for one whole week. Will you accept my challenge?  Will you spread the word and challenge yourself and others? What will you do to get others to help our planet stay green?

Post photos of you and your reusable coffee cup on The Green House Facebook wall or Twitter page.


Anonymous said...

Can you take a reusable cup into Starbucks? I never even thought about trying that.

Forgetful Mom said...

I always use a reusable cup. Heck I use my (reusable) travel mug at home for my coffee.

The Green House said...

@Forgetful Mom - When I read this, I was using my traveling mug, too! :D

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