Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review: See Kai Run Shoes For Kids

I have a confession to make:  my children have a closet full of shoes!  I'm embarrassed to say that, considering many children out there don't even have a pair to wear.   Although a lot of their shoes were gifted or passed down, and many were bought off-season and on clearance, I still feel guilty all the same.  Everyday the kids will change in and out of their shoes at least three or more times for no reason other than they want to wear every pair they have.  When that happens, shoes end up everywhere in the house, and I'm left to pick up after them.  I always wish they could just be happy with one pair and leave them on long enough for me to take a break from putting shoes away, and maybe - just maybe - they can part with some of them to lessen their stash.  So imagine my surprise (and contained giddiness) when my 3-year-old Handsome Man put on his Ozzy shoes from See Kai Run AND has not wanted to wear another pair of shoes since!

I was so excited when the box came in the mail and wondered if the shoes would be as perfect as they seem to be from photos I've seen online.  Oh yeah, they are!  And let me tell you - you know that "new car smell" that you experience when you, well, get a new car?  When I opened the box, it had a "new shoes smell," and it's crazy how something like that can make you smile.  Of course, the kids thought I looked funny smelling the shoes over and over again, but I just couldn't help myself.  They smelt so new and fresh and clean!

Styled for older kids, with adjustable hook and loop (aka velcro) closure and faux laces, this signature "K" trainer is perfect for growing active boys looking for trouble and adventure, yet fashionable and classy-looking enough to wear to church or at more formal events.  So far, these shoes have gone everywhere!  I can't even get my son to wear his other shoes anymore.  I guess I shouldn't be complaining, right?  I think if he had a choice, he'd go to sleep in them.

See Kai Run shoes were started by Seattle Mom, Cause Hann and her husband, Chen Gang, in 2004 when they were on a mission to find great-looking, durable, and comfortable shoes for their first baby son, Kai.  Originally offering shoes only for babies, See Kai Run eventually came out with their toddler version called Smaller.  In the fall of 2011, they introduced their Kai line for kids ages 2-6 years, all with the same soft flexible soles that keep the shoes long-lasting through all kinds of play - perfect for kids' growing feet.

After the first day of Handsome Man wearing his Ozzys, my husband commented on how they seem to be very comfortable to wear.  That makes a lot of sense considering he now favors these shoes over his other ones, and lack of comfiness may just be the reason why the kids can't seem to stick to one pair too long.  These size 9 shoes were a perfect fit, and although there is still plenty of wiggle room, they are made to stay on children's feet while they're on the go.
All of our shoes meet the American Podiatric Medical Association’s rigorous standards for foot health and functionality and have been awarded the APMA’s prestigious Seal of Acceptance.
It's always a good feeling when you know you have invested in a good product for your children, and even though I didn't pay for these shoes, I am more than satisfied enough to say that their price of $52 for this pair is completely worth it.  With the way Handsome Man rides his bike or just runs around everywhere, he's already put in so many more miles into these shoes, and they still look as new as when we received them.  He's been using them as "brakes" with his balance bike, and it amazes me at how it has held up with that type of abuse.  I've been reminding him to not ruin them, but he'll return with an awesome comment like, "But, Mommy, they're still new!"

Their newest collection includes super cute shoes that every child would look fantastic in.  I love how they are all designed to match any outfit or attire without having an overabundance of different colors, words, or characters, making them perfect for any occasion.  When I showed the kids the other See Kai Run shoes on their website, Sweet Pea immediately spotted the Isla sandals in hot pink. She loves the flower that is just the perfect size and shape for a school-age little girl.  Then she found one that would just be so adorable on Little Peanut - the Braxton - a See Kai Run first walker version of big brother's Ozzys.  You can also find organic socks that coordinately smartly with any of the fabulous shoes.

Check out the See Kai Run website for these new products as well as their SALE section.  You'll find awesome deals at 50% off or more!  Also, follow them on Facebook and Twitter and get instant updates on current contests and giveaways.  If that's not enough fun for you, follow them on Pinterest.  Now, who wouldn't want to pin these babies on their boards?!

The Green House Disclosure:  I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.  The products(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


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