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Save Our Planet Saturday: Eating Healthy and Saving Money with Farmers Markets (Guest Post)

I am very passionate about food, how it impacts our health and the environment.  Eating healthy should be easy on you and the family.  Too often I hear it is too difficult or expensive to eat fresh organic produce.  This is not always the case.  I want to share an old idea of eating healthy - farmers markets!  One key step to living a healthier lifestyle is eating seasonal foods and taking advantage of what is local in your area.     
I have taken a personal interest in finding out all I can about what is available in my town.  There are local farmers all around, and you just need to search for them.  You can start with checking your local paper under “Events”, at craft shows, community boards, city information centers, and church bulletins.  They are simple farms growing clean produce and don't spend money on marketing, like big businesses.  You can usually see them in stands and group farmers markets on the side of the road.  Watch for notices at the community bulletin boards, and you can see when festivals and new vendors might be attending.    There are many ways to find these hidden treasures, to bring more healthy produce to your family’s table for cheaper prices. At the bottom, I give you a few search tools to get started.

Why is it important to buy from your local farmers?  When we purchase in super markets, sometimes the food has traveled from out of state, if not from other countries.  The carbon foot-printing that takes place from air travel, ships, and trucks takes a toile on the environment in resources and pollution.  This carbon foot-printing drives up the cost of the food you are buying. The reason the food is so expensive is because they have to pay for the shipping and handling of that item.  Also, think about the freshness of something picked and shipped for days, then get to your town.  They usually have to cover the produce in a wax to keep it from spoiling too fast. This wax seals in the chemicals making it impossible to remove.  If you use local farmers, you know your fruit is fresh, did not have to travel far, and has been harvested that week.  Farmers do use pesticides and herbicides, but you can find the organic growers as well.  Over all, when you buy locally, you use less resources, and it is cheaper on your wallet.

Local farmers are also contributing to community economics.  These are your town farmers who employee from within the town, who in turn buy from local businesses.  Big Farmers buy from “Big Name Companies”.  When buying from your local farmers, you can help them expand and bring in more produce to you.  You can help spread the word with friends supporting local farmers (co-op), and keep the money circulating in your community, benefiting your town.  Nothing is sadder than when a farm goes under, because no one is buying their produce, forcing the farm to close and to be replaced with big name businesses.  

Cost!  That is what it usually boils down to with families.  Many things contribute to why produce is so expensive.
  • Organic produce usually, cost more in supermarkets.  This can be avoided when you try to be more frugal and shop the aids.  You will see who has what for better prices when looking at the advertisements.  For us, it is not the grocery store but the smaller whole food groceries, like Sunflower or Trader Joe's.  You might be surprised at how affordable you can find organic produce, grains, and meats.  
  • I buy baskets of produce through Bountiful Baskets, a food co-op located in multiple states.  At cost per pound, I save a ton. For $25, I can get organic produce in a large box. For $15, I can get conventional produce in a large box.  Also, look for companies like Market on the Move, a company that brings large amounts of supermarket produce to a local place for a small donation ($5-$10).  Read more about it here

$30 Bountiful Basket purchase

  • The food gets thrown away or goes bad in the fridge.  I have had friends show me trash bags filled with produce that went bad before they could eat it.  This is where organizing and making a menu comes in to play.  Make a menu and then shop, and try not to buy items if they are not on the list.  I am a part of two produce companies in which I never know the items I will get until I pick them up.  When I have something I can't use in the menu that week, I prepare it for future meals and freeze.  I try very hard not to let anything go to waste.
  • A big money saver is making your own meals.  I started making spaghetti and marinara sauces, salsas, yogurts, and dinner breads.  I have started saving so much in making these items.  I get the produce, and I make sure I use them.  I keep all my shopping trips to a routine of 100 miles or less.  On average, I stay within 60 miles round trip!  I like to take a cooler for the cold items in the summer and route my trip to get the most out of my gas.  This is a big money saver as well. 
  • Nutritional value!  When you buy foods that you pick right from the plant or at markets that where just harvested, you retain more nutritional value.  Every day that passes since the produce is picked, you lose nutrients.  
  • Taste!  You have heard that nothing taste better than a tomato from the vine.  It's true! When you buy farmers market produce, they taste better!  They let nature take its course and grow happy, health plants, and your taste buds know it!  I have given my children a produce from the supermarket and then turn around and give them the same produce from the farm, and guess which one they said tasted better?  The farm! Nutritional and fresh homegrown taste is always better.  
  • Start your own small garden.  Take a little space or containers and start to grow your own herbs.  You may find you enjoy it so much you expand your garden to more fruits and vegetables, but keep it small in the beginning.

Great variety is a wonderful asset to farmers markets.  What can you find?  The items and possibilities are limitless:
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • fresh baked breads
  • salsas
  • vegan meals
  • natural meats
  • eggs
  • raw dairies, goats milks, yogurts, and cheese
  • honey
  • natural spa products
  • desserts
Not sure if there is a farmers market in your area?  Here are a few ways to search via Google:
   Farmers markets in (your town and State)
   Farms in (your town)
   co-ops in (your town)  
   CSA "Community Supported Agriculture" in (your town) 

You can also get more information from these farmers marketsco-ops, and CSA farms links.

Simple Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

2 tomatoes, sliced
3 zucchinis, sliced
1 large yellow onion, sliced
2 yellow squash, sliced
olive oil, drizzled
dash of salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese

In an oven baking dish, place vegetables in rows like listed above.  Drizzle with olive oil, dash of seasoning and roast in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.  This is a light and delicious dish straight from the market.  

This post was contributed by The Green House Guest Writer, Kelley Johnsen.

As a wife, mom of four, and Certified Nutrition Counselor, I care about my impact on the food choices we make.  Everything we eat has a profound effect on our bodies, the environment, and our future.  We eat not just to satisfy hunger, but to nourish and enrich our lives.  Eating and buying clean resources keeps your body and the Earth healthy and thriving.

To find out more information about becoming a Guest Writer for The Green House, email me at

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In Celebration of Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a national holiday celebrated on the last Friday in April to encourage the planting, caring, and appreciation of trees.  Did you know that trees are the longest living organisms on our planet, and they are one of the greatest natural resources?  Did you also know that a mature tree can remove as much as 70 times more pollution that a newly planted tree, but that more than 4 billion trees are cut down globally every year?  I am always saddened to hear stories about 60-year-old trees being cut down to build storefronts, parking lots, or new roads.  My children have seen first hand construction vehicles tearing down trees that looked to be no more than a few years old.  It surprised me how much an action that many consider to be unimportant and insignificant could stir up fear, sadness, anger, and disgust in young children.  

This weekend, get out there and enjoy the trees around you.  Though many of them may have just been planted, imagine the benefits of their growth and being in just a couple of years.  There are many organizations where you can make small donations to help keep our planet green and thriving.  Here are just a few:

Would You Like To Contribute To The Green House?

As a SAHM, people have this misconception that we have it easy.  We get to wake up whenever we want, be in our pajamas all day, and have all the time in the world to do everything we need and want to do.  NOT!  Having been a Mom since 2006, being home with 3 young children, homeschooling 2, taking care of the home, preparing home-cooked meals everyday, coming up with creative ways to get us out of debt on one income, staying on budget while shopping for organic foods and eco-friendly health and home products, and still have time (if any) for myself, our church, and our community.  It's a difficult task - one that sometimes I wonder why at all I agreed to.  Add this blog on top of that - well, I'd be lying if I didn't say that it's been a bit overwhelming, and many times, I've found myself just wanting to throw in the towel.  I started this blog as an outlet for myself, just something for me to bounce off my thoughts, nothing to branch out expectations or future goals. Then it became more - adding in reviews and giveaways, random infos about causes and important world events (to me, at least), DIYs, etc.  I think I made the mistake of doing too much at one time.  And I apologize to you all...because, I haven't been as consistant as I should be.

So, here's the I am...asking if anyone would like to help with this humongous task I chose to get myself into.  I am looking for any bloggers and/or followers to contribute to the Minimalist Monday, Frugal Living Friday, and Save Our Planet Saturday post series.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please email me at  I can give your further details and answer any questions you may have.

I'd like to thank those who have already contacted me, and it's a pleasure to get the series started (again) tomorrow with a contribution from Kelley Johnsen over at Kelley's Passion for Nutrition. She will be giving you great info on farmers markets as well as providing a quick and delicious recipe you are sure to want to try right away.

So come back tomorrow, but until then, have a great weekend!

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Wordless Wednesday: Celebrating Earth Day

We were wondering why this duck didn't want to go for the bread we were tossing to him.
This is why...

You still have time to enter the giveaways from Jaydee Baby, Simple Additons, and Againbags.  

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The Green House Made The List!

You voted, and we made it!  The Green House is on the "Top 25 Green Bloggers of 2012" list on Skinny Scoop.  Woohoo!  I am honored and humbled to be a part of this list with other amazing bloggers.  Thank you all for your continued support and following.

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Introducing The Green House Marketplace

I just added a new section to my blog called "MARKETPLACE." You can find it alongside the other tabs at the top of the page. It will include some of my favorite sites online to find Earth-friendly deals to help you become and/or stay debt-free. The page is currently under construction, so please be patient as I continue to add new sites on the list.

If you have an Affiliate or Brand Ambassador Program, or if you would like to inquire about sponsoring or advertising with The Green House, email me at thegreenhouseboutique at gmail dot com.  Thank you!

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Review & Giveaway: Againbags Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags

Growing up, I was the kid with the Mom who loved to save plastic shopping bags.  Whether they were grocery, produce, or department store bags, as long as they were clean, they made it into the endless stack of "reusable" bags in our pantry closet.  The same went with snack, sandwich, or freezer bags.  My Mom would wipe them down, and place them back in the drawer until the next time we needed them.  Was my Mom a pack rat?  Uh, yeah!  But, we always ended up reusing them for one reason or another.  I would later learn that I myself would become that same pack rat.

For so long, we had become accustomed to having those bags around to reuse as trash basket liners, doggy poop bags, lunch "boxes, etc.  We had plastic bag dispensers at the bottom of every bathroom sink, by the kitchen pantry, in the laundry room, and in the garage.  They were always full to the brim with bags.  By keeping all of the bags in one place, I was thinking that I was being organized and tidy.  I didn't realize that it wasn't as important as being conscious about where those bags would eventually land, no matter how long it took to get there.  It wasn't until about two years ago when I bought a bunch of reusable fabric bags on sale that I slowly stopped bringing home plastic bags.  Ever since then,  those dispensers have remained empty.

This year, I challenged myself and my family to take another step towards being "plastic bag free" by using reusable snack and sandwich bags.  We have used tupperware containers, but sometimes, they become bulky and take up too much space.  I wanted something that was not only space-saving in a diaper bag, backpack, or lunch box, but also in the drawer I kept it in. Then Againbags came into my life, and it has never been the same since!

I was so excited to receive the set of Againbags to review, not only because I've been wanting to fulfill our newest green goal, but also to start saving moolah on sandwich bags every month. Jennifer Scala, or "Jenn" as I have come to know her through our various emails, sent me a small, medium, and large bag - all with different designs - as well as a small and large bag from the Active line.  I received the bags quickly, and I was ecstatic about using them!

I was instantly in love with the bags!  The small and medium bags come in 8 colorful designs, and the large comes in 6 - each one is sure to match the personality of every member in the family. The small bags are 4" x 7" in size, priced at $5.95 each, and are perfect for fruit slices and bite-size snacks.  My kids love using them for pistachios and almonds.  The medium bags measure at 5.5" x 7" and at $6.95 each, they are great for sandwiches, chips, or pretzels.  The hubby and I have used the large bags for pita wraps, while the kids fill them up with goldfish crackers.  They are 7" x 8", priced at $7.95 each, and are large enough for a sub sandwich or animal crackers for the entire family.  Made with 100% cotton laminate, they are leak-proof and are easy to clean.

The small (4" x 6.5") and large (7.5" x 8.25") bags from the Active line are made from heavy weight 2-ply nylon fabric.  Priced at $6.95 and $8.95 each, respectively, they are grease and moisture-resistant and are perfect for the active, outdoorsy individuals, like my husband.  They come in 6 solid colors that can be mixed and matched to everyone's liking.

The first weekend after I received these bags, I had brought them to my niece's cheerleading competition.  The people next to us had a bucket of popcorn they had bought from the concession stands.  Coincidentally, my daughter and I packed our own popcorn snacks in the Againbags.  I could tell that the lady beside me kept looking over at us and eventually commented on the bags. She said that she loved the apple and black-and-white zigzag designs and thought that they were genius ideas.  Apparently it was the first time she's ever seen reusable sandwich bags and admitted that she's never even heard of them before our meeting.  She asked where I got them from, and let me tell ya - I wished right then that I was the one who made them.  Of course, I didn't take the credit, but I couldn't be more excited to tell them about Againbags.  And I was glad that the website address was super easy to remember, too.

Per the information on the website:
Over the years, my children have carried countless lunches to school.  And every time I packed one of those lunches in a plastic bag, I thought there has to be  a better way --- I felt worse and worse about all those plastic bags from my home ending up in landfills.  It didn't make things any better that I was trying to teach my own children the value of recycling.  "Recycle in every way you can," I said to them as I handed them a plastic bag that we all knew would be thrown away as soon as they were done with it.  But one day I wondered, why not make a reusable bag, one that looked cool, and which they'd be proud to carry to school and (most importantly!) home again?  The idea grew on me, and one day I asked my children what I should call it.  My little one said, "Call it an Againbag, Mommy, because I can use it again and again."      
I love it when a great product comes with a great personal story!  And I'm even more inspired and in awe when a child is the root of the product concept.  Children are absolutely amazing, aren't they?!

The Againbags site also offers a lunch set that includes a small, medium, and large sized bag and sell for $19.95.  They are a very green, very cost-effective gift that will keep on giving for a very long time.

You can also find sandwich wraps that unfold and double as placemats (very cool!) and wrap sets that include one sandwich wrap and one small snack bag.  There are lots of different options for even the most discriminating person who is unwilling to give up their plastic bags.

All the bags and wraps are hand sewn in the USA (woohoo!), are dishwasher and laundry safe, and are BPA, lead, and phthalate-free.  You can't say that about plastic bags!  They are made with a hook & loop closure, which is great for keeping the bags tightly closed.  I have on occasions, however, had trouble opening them easily and quickly, but I guess that just means that the velcro is very strong - perfect for all those washes.

Now, what is a great picnic without a flexible chalk mat for the kiddos?  At $19.95 each, these rollable and portable boards are complete with 3 pieces of chalk and are a must-have for dinners out.  I definitely need to get my hands on a couple of these.

While I was browsing the Againbags site, I found out that they can screen print onto their Active bags, making for wonderful fundraising products that are great for schools, sports teams, and church groups.  They also offer wholesale pricing for any retail shops or boutiques that want to carry some of the best green products I've ever come across.

Also, check out their blog, The Tasty Travels of Againbags, showing photos of customers and the places where they have taken their favorite reusable bags.  Warning:  there are lots of food pics. Yumm-o!  You can also LIKE them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  Everyone likes a little love, right?
Simple as that, Againbags came into the world, reducing the use of plastic baggies, one lunch at a time!
BUY:  You can purchase any of the bags or sets on the Againbags site.  Prices start at $5.95, and shipping  for US orders are just a flat rate of $4.95  Use the promo code Active20 to get a 20% discount off your entire purchase.  This code is only good until May 5, 2012.

WIN:  Againbags is giving two (2) lucky The Green House followers a set of small and large bags from the Active line.  This giveaway is open to US, Canada, and UK residents only.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win! You must complete the mandatory task first, then complete the other tasks to get as many entries as you'd like.  Good luck!  **If the Rafflecopter form does not show up, please refresh your screen, or click on the post title!

The Green House Disclosure:  I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.  The products(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.

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Review & Giveaway: Woombie Convertible Combo Swaddler (Sponsored by Jaydee Baby)

Before I became a mother, if you had asked me what the word "swaddle" meant, I would have come up with something ridiculous or idiotic.  Truthfully, I wasn't around many babies growing up, so that term, along with more than half of the words I know now were not commonly used, let alone brought up...ever.  Everything I know now about baby products are from my Mommy friends, blogs, websites, magazines, and books.

When my first child was born in 2006, that was the first time that I had ever seen a baby swaddled, found out what the word meant and why it was important, and learned the art to perfect swaddling.  I followed the techniques the nurses taught me and continued it for as long as the swaddle blanket could keep my baby "tucked in."  After that, I used other swaddling products until each child outgrew them.  I always slept more soundly at night knowing my babies were wrapped tightly, yet comfortably, in their blankets.

Yvonne George from Jaydee Baby in Canada just opened up her online store and was very kind in sponsoring the Woombie Convertible Combo Swaddle for me to try out on my baby boy and to review for my blog.  This was my first time to see and use a swaddle product like this one.

Designed to swaddle newborns as tiny as 5 lbs. and to convert to an arms-free sleep sack for active children up to 25 lbs., the Woombie conforms naturally to the curves of a growing baby. Made from cotton/spandex blend, this swaddling product is soft and stretchy, making it super easy for a baby to transition from Mum's prego belly to the real world.  Complete with a 2-way zipper that makes diaper changing a snap, Jaydee Baby offers the Woombie in 3 different sizes: newborn (5-13 lbs), big baby (14-19 lbs.), and mega baby (20-25 lbs.).  You can choose from seven awesome colors, including the Little Monster keylime green that I was sent to review.

I couldn't be more pleased or happy with this swaddler.  I love how Little Peanut did not try to fight being wrapped in it, but rather the Woombie seemed to soothe his occasional detest for naps or nighttime sleep.  It kept him in one place longer and prevented sudden awakenings, making for more peaceful sleeping - great for us, awesome for him!  The light-weight material kept him warm during the winter months, and even with a long-sleeve onesie and pants on, it didn't leave him sweating or over-heated.  We have never covered our babies with blankets during naps or bedtime, so having them use swaddlers was always a great reassuring way to make sure they stayed warm, without worrying that it might suffocate them.  Now that spring is here, Little Peanut has been using only a short-sleeve shirt or onesie, and the Woombie has provided the rest of his "clothing."

My two older children have commented that their baby brother looks like a little green caterpillar in this Woombie, and with the way he has moved and scooted around easily in it, he sort of does. I like that this swaddler is gentle on his skin and that it has about the right amount of wiggle room for him to enjoy sleeping in.  This is a wonderful product to use on newborns as soon as they arrive into this world.  I had two preemie babies, both weighing a little over 5 lbs. each, and I would have loved to have had the Woombie instead of using the blankets we were given at the hospital.  You can purchase this swaddler at Jaydee Baby for $34.99 (CAD) and other Woombie products, like the Toddler Donut portable multi use mat, for $74.99 (CAD).

The user-friendly Jaydee Baby online shop also offers maternity wear (check out the super cute swim suits), diaper bags, mealtime products (including items from thinkbaby), and even eco-friendly cleaning products for the home.  Also, there is a sale section that has lots of great products at awesome prices!  You can get free shipping to the US and Canada with orders over $125.  And if you live in the Ontario, Canada area, you can make an appointment to visit the in-home retail store on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  Be sure to LIKE Jaydee Baby on Facebook and to follow on Twitter to get updates on show appearances, giveaways, and more!  This Saturday, April 14, Jaydee Baby will be at the The Babeebloomz Bump 2 Toddler Show at The Meeting House in Mississauga - stop by and tell them that The Green House sent you!

BUY:  You can purchase a Woombie Convertible Combo Swaddle from Jaydee Baby.  Retail value: $34.99 (CAD).

WIN:  Jaydee Baby is giving one (1) lucky The Green House follower a Little Monster keylime-colored Woombie Convertible Combo Swaddle in big baby size (14-19 lbs.).  This giveaway is open to US residents only.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win! You must complete the mandatory task first, then complete the other tasks to get as many entries as you'd like.  Good luck!  **If the Rafflecopter form does not show up, please refresh your screen, or click on the post title!

The Green House Disclosure:  I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.  The products(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.

Review & Giveaway: Simple Additions Bamboo Cloth Diaper and Insert

My family and I have been going green for a few years now, but it wasn't until I was pregnant last year with our 3rd child that we decided to research the possibilities of using cloth diapers.  We've always used disposable diapes 'n wipes for the mere and obvious reason of convenience, and well, it always worked for us.  Now, the cost factor was a problem, and we didn't exactly have anyone to lead by example or to prod at for answers, so it was just easier to dismiss the idea all together.

But when we finally sat down and thought about the many other things we could do to live a more sustainable lifestyle, switching to cloth diapers was at the top of our list.  For months before I gave birth, I researched and read up on blog reviews and website articles on the pros and cons of going cloth.  I even created a spread sheet, color coded and everything, just so I can compare pricing, retail availability, color and design options, etc.  I wanted to be absolutely sure that if we invested in cloth diapers that there was no going back.  And we haven't!

Upon my search for cloth diapers, I came across Simple Additions, an online shop that offers handmade reusable nappies.  Joined and operated on Etsy since 2008, owner Trisha Freitag offers diaper covers, all-in-twos, pocket diapers, and inserts.  For my review, I received a one size pocket diaper made with an outer layer of water-resistant PUL (PolyUrethane Laminate) and an inner layer of bamboo fleece.  Although it already has a layer of bamboo double terry fabric, there is a pocket opening in the back so you can add an insert or two for added absorbency.  This has become necessary for us whenever we use the diaper for overnight coverage.  Besides being made with eco-friendly bamboo material, the adorable alien design is the only one of its kind in my stack of diapers. It always gets noticed when I'm out and about or at play dates, and it's great to match with just a baby shirt (wonderful for those hot summer days just around the corner).

The average range of fit for these diapers is 8-30 pounds. There are 12 snaps across the front of the diaper, two snaps on each wing for increased adjustability, and overlapping snaps on one wing so it will fit smaller babies better. There are 3 levels of snaps in the front that you can use to adjust the rise of the diaper, and there is a scooped out area in the front to keep the front of the diaper from irritating the umbilical area. 
When I first used this on my son, I was a little apprehensive about the fit.  I have read a lot of reviews on cloth diapers saying that the actual size is off by about 2 pounds and that parents couldn't use them until later on.  We had other diapers in our stash that we have had to put aside temporarily for that reason alone.  Unsure if this nappy would have the same problem, I put them on my 8-pound son anyway.  They fit perfectly around his waist area, leaving no red marks even after hours of having them on.  The elasticity around the legs were still a little loose for my little babe, but it could be that he is bigger on the belly side and not so much around the thighs.

Bamboo is such a great fabric to use on diapers, as it is wonderful when it comes to holding in a lot of urine - perfect for heavy wetters!  My son is not considered one, but the diaper amazingly held up for more than six hours straight at night.  It even looks slim with double inserts, so it's not bulky to use under children's onesies or pants.  The sides, however, have a tendency to curl out a little bit, so we have to remember to fix them before putting baby's clothes on, or we can expect to have some major poop leakage, as we learned the hard way early on.  Since these diapers are not double-gusseted or have heavily defined garter barriers, our experience with breast milk poop has been quite messy to say the least.  However, as our son has started to eat baby foods, his #2 has become more solid, and the diaper has contained more efficiently and effectively.  And upon speaking with Trisha about this problem, she has informed me that she has changed the way she applies the elastics to the leg area.  Also, she will soon be adding a gusset in her new diapers.  Be sure to visit her Etsy shop often to see these updated and improved products.

The bamboo insert is phenomenal and definitely gets the job done!  Thin, yet very absorbent, these inserts are well-made and a must in my stash.  Trisha offers the inserts individually or in sets, in small and large sizes, perfect for her diapers on newborns all the way up to potty-training age.  The stitching on the diapers and inserts are awesome and has held up wonderfully through many washes. Even the matching alien snaps make a statement all on their own.  Another positive note? The bamboo fabric is so soft, they don't leave garter marks on my baby's legs, so at least I know it's not cutting of his circulation.  That's always a plus in my book whenever he is wearing the diaper for long periods of time.

You can find many different girly and boyish designs for the bamboo diapers, as well as training undies (girl colors only), diaper wet bags, cloth wipes and burp clothscloth pads for monthly visits from Aunt Flo, reusable nursing pads, onesies, and more.  Simple Addition bamboo diapers range in price from $18 for one-size pockets (no inserts) to $22.50 for one-size all-in-twos, plus shipping and handling.  Inserts are $4 for individual small size and $5 for large.  Sets start at $22.50 for small inserts.

The diapers and other unique, Earth-friendly items can only be found on Etsy, so head on over there to begin or add to your stash!  Be sure to check out her blog, Covered by Grace, where you can find sewing tutorials and eco posts.  She also has a shop on Hyena Cart, a Facebook page, and a Twitter page.  Simple Addition is a great go-to shop for Mums, tots, and babies. Custom orders are welcomed, so if you want a different design or color, just contact Trisha for more info.

BUY:  You can purchase a one-size bamboo cloth diaper from Simple Additions on etsy.  Retail value: $18.  Use the promo code GH573LT to get a 15% discount off your entire purchase.  This code is only good until May 15th, so get shopping today!

WIN:  Simple Additions is giving one (1) lucky The Green House follower a one-size bamboo cloth diaper for a baby boy or girl.  Diaper print will be chosen by the sponsor.  Don't you love surprises?!  This giveaway is open to US, Canada, and Mexico residents only.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win! You must complete the mandatory task first, then complete the other tasks to get as many entries as you'd like.  Good luck!  **If the Rafflecopter form does not show up, please refresh your screen, or click on the post title!

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