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Review & Giveaway: Simple Additions Bamboo Cloth Diaper and Insert

My family and I have been going green for a few years now, but it wasn't until I was pregnant last year with our 3rd child that we decided to research the possibilities of using cloth diapers.  We've always used disposable diapes 'n wipes for the mere and obvious reason of convenience, and well, it always worked for us.  Now, the cost factor was a problem, and we didn't exactly have anyone to lead by example or to prod at for answers, so it was just easier to dismiss the idea all together.

But when we finally sat down and thought about the many other things we could do to live a more sustainable lifestyle, switching to cloth diapers was at the top of our list.  For months before I gave birth, I researched and read up on blog reviews and website articles on the pros and cons of going cloth.  I even created a spread sheet, color coded and everything, just so I can compare pricing, retail availability, color and design options, etc.  I wanted to be absolutely sure that if we invested in cloth diapers that there was no going back.  And we haven't!

Upon my search for cloth diapers, I came across Simple Additions, an online shop that offers handmade reusable nappies.  Joined and operated on Etsy since 2008, owner Trisha Freitag offers diaper covers, all-in-twos, pocket diapers, and inserts.  For my review, I received a one size pocket diaper made with an outer layer of water-resistant PUL (PolyUrethane Laminate) and an inner layer of bamboo fleece.  Although it already has a layer of bamboo double terry fabric, there is a pocket opening in the back so you can add an insert or two for added absorbency.  This has become necessary for us whenever we use the diaper for overnight coverage.  Besides being made with eco-friendly bamboo material, the adorable alien design is the only one of its kind in my stack of diapers. It always gets noticed when I'm out and about or at play dates, and it's great to match with just a baby shirt (wonderful for those hot summer days just around the corner).

The average range of fit for these diapers is 8-30 pounds. There are 12 snaps across the front of the diaper, two snaps on each wing for increased adjustability, and overlapping snaps on one wing so it will fit smaller babies better. There are 3 levels of snaps in the front that you can use to adjust the rise of the diaper, and there is a scooped out area in the front to keep the front of the diaper from irritating the umbilical area. 
When I first used this on my son, I was a little apprehensive about the fit.  I have read a lot of reviews on cloth diapers saying that the actual size is off by about 2 pounds and that parents couldn't use them until later on.  We had other diapers in our stash that we have had to put aside temporarily for that reason alone.  Unsure if this nappy would have the same problem, I put them on my 8-pound son anyway.  They fit perfectly around his waist area, leaving no red marks even after hours of having them on.  The elasticity around the legs were still a little loose for my little babe, but it could be that he is bigger on the belly side and not so much around the thighs.

Bamboo is such a great fabric to use on diapers, as it is wonderful when it comes to holding in a lot of urine - perfect for heavy wetters!  My son is not considered one, but the diaper amazingly held up for more than six hours straight at night.  It even looks slim with double inserts, so it's not bulky to use under children's onesies or pants.  The sides, however, have a tendency to curl out a little bit, so we have to remember to fix them before putting baby's clothes on, or we can expect to have some major poop leakage, as we learned the hard way early on.  Since these diapers are not double-gusseted or have heavily defined garter barriers, our experience with breast milk poop has been quite messy to say the least.  However, as our son has started to eat baby foods, his #2 has become more solid, and the diaper has contained more efficiently and effectively.  And upon speaking with Trisha about this problem, she has informed me that she has changed the way she applies the elastics to the leg area.  Also, she will soon be adding a gusset in her new diapers.  Be sure to visit her Etsy shop often to see these updated and improved products.

The bamboo insert is phenomenal and definitely gets the job done!  Thin, yet very absorbent, these inserts are well-made and a must in my stash.  Trisha offers the inserts individually or in sets, in small and large sizes, perfect for her diapers on newborns all the way up to potty-training age.  The stitching on the diapers and inserts are awesome and has held up wonderfully through many washes. Even the matching alien snaps make a statement all on their own.  Another positive note? The bamboo fabric is so soft, they don't leave garter marks on my baby's legs, so at least I know it's not cutting of his circulation.  That's always a plus in my book whenever he is wearing the diaper for long periods of time.

You can find many different girly and boyish designs for the bamboo diapers, as well as training undies (girl colors only), diaper wet bags, cloth wipes and burp clothscloth pads for monthly visits from Aunt Flo, reusable nursing pads, onesies, and more.  Simple Addition bamboo diapers range in price from $18 for one-size pockets (no inserts) to $22.50 for one-size all-in-twos, plus shipping and handling.  Inserts are $4 for individual small size and $5 for large.  Sets start at $22.50 for small inserts.

The diapers and other unique, Earth-friendly items can only be found on Etsy, so head on over there to begin or add to your stash!  Be sure to check out her blog, Covered by Grace, where you can find sewing tutorials and eco posts.  She also has a shop on Hyena Cart, a Facebook page, and a Twitter page.  Simple Addition is a great go-to shop for Mums, tots, and babies. Custom orders are welcomed, so if you want a different design or color, just contact Trisha for more info.

BUY:  You can purchase a one-size bamboo cloth diaper from Simple Additions on etsy.  Retail value: $18.  Use the promo code GH573LT to get a 15% discount off your entire purchase.  This code is only good until May 15th, so get shopping today!

WIN:  Simple Additions is giving one (1) lucky The Green House follower a one-size bamboo cloth diaper for a baby boy or girl.  Diaper print will be chosen by the sponsor.  Don't you love surprises?!  This giveaway is open to US, Canada, and Mexico residents only.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win! You must complete the mandatory task first, then complete the other tasks to get as many entries as you'd like.  Good luck!  **If the Rafflecopter form does not show up, please refresh your screen, or click on the post title!

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