Saturday, May 26, 2012

Save Our Planet Saturday: Living a Non-Toxic Lifestyle (Part 1)

We finally did it!  It was inevitable, almost predictable.  After researching websites and personal blogs, reading books and magazines, and watching countless documentaries and movies in the last couple of years, it was bound to happen. Per my Wordless Wednesday post this past week, our family has officially declared war on harmful chemicals and toxins in our home.  We have combed through our cabinets, cupboards, closets, drawers, and even our garage, searching for products that been contributing to the toxicity in our home, however invisible it may have been all these years.  

For a while, I was one of those "extreme couponers," making sure I didn't pay full-price for anything. I may have not had my own personal garage or closet(s) that were filled from top to bottom and wall to wall with items I got for awesome prices, but for a time, I had stockpiles of food, drinks, cleaning products, laundry detergents, air fresheners, perfume samples, hair products, etc.  I was happy and proud of my accomplishment, thinking to myself, "We did good. We saved lots of money, and we have bought enough to keep us going for weeks, if not months."

Little did I know that I by saving all that money, I was inviting discomfort, irritability, uneasiness, and possible unhappiness to our home.  All those chemicals, some claiming to be non-toxic, in small doses and portions all add up to huge and profound effects later, if they haven't already. Before making the switch to organic foods last summer, we were already adding unhealthy products into our bodies, but I was oblivious to everything else that could be harming me and my family.  Maybe, just a little bit of me, knew, or at least, thought that these awesome deals I was bringing home in bulk weren't as great in value as I had thought, but I felt so good not paying full-price for them.  I was elated that we were able to continue being a one-income family, raising multiple kids...AND without going broke!

Last weekend, we packed up our bins of awesome deals and headed for the toxic waste drop-off center.  In that short time it took us to get there, my husband and I were feeling light-headed and squeamish.  And at one time, we actually had to pull over, because my daughter needed to vomit. A few years back, I felt guilty and nervous about letting anything go to waste.  I hated the feeling I got when I overspent or threw things away.  But this time....when I saw the influence that those "proud moments" had on me and my family, I was glad and unregretting about throwing away money.  We walked into our home, and we smelt out first real clean, priceless accomplishment. Now, we are on our way to finding and having only all-natural products in our home.

Our motivation and journey to living toxic-free was inspired by the documentary, "Chemerical," by activist and filmmaker Andrew Nisker.  Here's a little snippet of the movie that is helping cultivate and shape our green home.


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