Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tea Collection Facebook Liking Spree

If you haven't shopped at Tea Collection yet, now is definitely the time!  Logging onto Facebook has become a daily habit for most people, so when you are checking out your family or friend's statuses today and adding your own, be sure to visit Tea Collection's page and vote for your favorite girl dresses and/or boys tops. Once an item has received 1,000 Facebook Likes, it will go on sale - $15 dresses and $10 boys tops! Pretty cool, right?  I have already voted for some of my favorite items like the Artisan Ikat Knot Dress for girls and the Bali Rocks Tee for boys. Vote for your favorite girls dresses and boys tops to be sure that the items on your Wish List go on sale. Happy Liking! 


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