Monday, June 11, 2012

Minimalist Monday: One Umbrella

How many umbrellas do you have in your home?  At our house, we have 3 - one large one for all of us to use, and two girly ones that my daughter has received as gifts.  My children take turns using the kiddy umbrellas around the house or outside when it's lightly sprinkling or the sun is blasting down on them.  They are not the best umbrellas to use for massive rain storms, so that's when our gigantic umbrella comes into play.  Sometimes I wish we had an extra one, just in case we need it, but I'm actually happy that we only have this one reliable umbrella.

ONE.  That is a concept that can be applied to other things in our homes.  One pair of comfortable winter gloves.  One lunchbox for school, work, or picnics.  One BPA-free water bottle.  One versatile, color-neutral coat.  One polarized and stylish sunglasses.  One durable keychain.  One key hook or bowl.

If we only had one of these things, wouldn't it be easier and simpler to find them when we need them?  As a society, when we are at the mall, grocery store, or our favorite shop, we have a tendency to forget (or choose to forget on purpose) that we already have a similar item at home. We want different colors or styles or looks of something, not realizing that we're just brining more stuff into our homes - stuff that we may end up forgetting we had and will never use.  Back in the days of "Little House on the Prairie," people were happy to have one set of cooking utensils and dinnerware, clothes to last a couple of days, one doll or toy for each child, and one pair of shoes to use to get from Point A to Point B and everywhere in between.  Nowadays, closets are the size of those prairie homes filled with clothes and shoes that still have price tags on them. And they continue to be pushed to the back as we continue to shop for more of the same things.

Look around your home and evaluate everything you have.  Do you have one too many of the same things?  Can you live with only one of something and still get through the day without feeling deprived or neglected?  If so, maybe this coming weekend will be a good time to donate these extra things or to hold a garage sale.  You'll find it'll be easier to keep up with the things you need, and who knows - maybe you'll end up with more time doing other things you want to do instead of looking for that "thing."


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