Monday, October 08, 2012

Minimalist Monday: Taking Baby Steps Towards Buying Organic

When we first made the decision to start shopping for groceries that are organic, all-natural, and non-GMO, my husband and I had a long conversation that included lots of research, numerous looks into our already pretty non-existent budget, and a list of many pros and cons. It was not a choice that happened overnight, and it took a few trips to the store until our cart only consisted of organic alternatives. And even now, when we go over our budget, we randomly throw out the idea of going back to how our lives used to be - buying processed comfort foods, stocking up on lots of products just because they're on sale or because I have coupons for them, and enjoying our meals at our favorite restaurants without worrying about what the ingredients are or what the consequences could be on our bodies later on. But even when it seems like making a u-turn on this sustainable road we've been on for a few years now could relieve some of our financial frustrations, we always go back to why we ultimately made the decision to go this route in the first place: our children! And when we think about them, we know that we have made the right choice, and only thinking about our financial life now isn't going to do them any favors in the future. We don't regret having made the decision to live this way, and even if we can count the number of people who support us on one hand, we don't regret our choice at all! 

We know that making the leap into this kind of lifestyle is not a popular item on people's checklists when it comes to "wants." But living green isn't a want really. We consider it more of a need. Choosing organic is what we feel we need to live healthier and happier with less worries about what we are eating, drinking, smelling, wearing, using, and driving. It takes baby steps to switching to organics. You don't have to change over to another store, unless you want to. You can find organic foods and many personal items at many big box stores and grocery stores. Start your list small, buying the items you feel is most important to you and your family, or perhaps getting the less expensive products first, or maybe getting only the ingredients you will need to make your first all-natural meal, whatever works for you. Choose a small number of foods and personal items that you would like to switch out with healthier options. Then, work your way to other items a little bit at a time, making sure you are keeping track of your new budget and are comfortable with your new choices. Take your time, and don't feel as if you need to go top speed to buy and live 100% organic. Just like with everything else that is life-changing, make sure all hands are on deck. It will make it a whole of a lot easier if you and anyone else in your home are open to these new changes.

One thing you'll notice with this new lifestyle is that you'll end up with less items in your cupboard, drawers, refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. Why? It gets expensive, yes, I won't deny that. But also, you'll see that you'll need (and want) less choices of many items, because you'll become content with one and find yourself an immediate fan and won't want to go back to having more of other products. So if you're wanting to start buying organically just for the reason of living more minimally, then go for it. Knock out two awesome ways to live simpler, healthier, and happier!


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